Olga Tolstoy
Olga Tolstoy
Olga In Episode 76
Japanese Name: オルガトルストイ
English Name: Olga Tolstoy
Gender: Female
Birthday: Unknown
First Appearance: Episode 76 / Chapter 140
Japanese VA: Mariya Ise

Olga Tolstoy (also pronounced "Olia") is the 15 years old daughter of the Russian hero Ivan Tolstoy and former professional ballerina Emilia Tolstoy. She is a huge fan of Hibito and befriends him during his stay in Russia.


Olga has short auburn hair and got most of her facial features from her mother. Being a ballerina herself, she has a slim yet flexible build. Olga is often seen wearing tight pants and when outside, she wears boots and a winter coat.


Olga tries to act like an adult and put on a poker face (especially in front of Hibito) despite being only 15.



Being a huge fan of Hibito, Olga is secretly very interested in him, although she tries to deny it by acting neutral in many occasions. Over the episodes, she befriends Hibito through his presence during her family dinners, and got closer to him from her first date after he saw one of her ballet performance. She would insist on accompanying him home even when Hibito said it wasn't necessary. It is hinted that she has romantic feelings for the young Japanese astronaut.