Makabe Kenji
Makabe Kenji
Makabe Kenji
Japanese Name: 真壁 ケンジ
English Name: Kenji Makabe
Gender: Male
Birthday: 1993/4
First Appearance: Episode 02 / Chapter 03
Japanese VA: Masayuki Katō

Makabe Kenji, one of Mutta's fellow applicants in the astronaut program, resides with his wife whom he married after college and a beautiful daughter. They are expecting another baby girl. Kenji met Mutta during the second exam interview conducted by JAXA, and they became good friends over time. Kenji's motivation to become an astronaut started when he wished to "escape from the little corner of a big facility", Kenji was an adventures person and wished to soar higher, thus joining the astronaut recruitment program.


Kenji is a smart, 31 year old man who likes to have a single strand of his hair at the center of his forehead.

He is usually seen in formal clothing and with a smile on his face.


Kenji has shown qualities such as being supportive, calm, dedicated and caring. He has on many occasions cheered and encouraged Mutta.

During the third astronaut selection examinations, Kenji was placed on Team B and was the only one who went against their method of picking two candidates best suited to be astronauts.[1]

He always wished for all candidates to work together and not bicker and was shown to have abilities to be a good leader.


Yuki MakabeEdit

Kenji married his wife, when they were still in college and is a caring husband, he and his wife have had many fun adventures together. He also has a lovely daughter who gives him inspiration to move forward in life, they are a close knit family.


Kenji has made many friends on his journey to become an astronaut, below are the people he respects and treasures the most.

Nanba MuttaEdit

Kenji met Mutta during the second examination interview, and they became good friend within 10 minutes. Kenji and Mutta have developed a close friendship and were worried for each other when there arose a situation in which only one of them would be passing the exam.


  1. Space Brothers Anime - Episode 18, Kenji was shown to be against their method of picking two candidates.