Itou Serika
Itou Serika
Itou Serika
Japanese Name: 伊東 せりか
English Name: Serika Itou
Gender: Female
Birthday: 1999
First Appearance: Episode 02 / Chapter 03
Japanese VA: Miyuki Sawashiro

Itou Serika is one of Nanba Mutta's fellow applicants in the astronaut program, Mutta has a huge crush on Serika since the beginning of the series. After her fathers death due to a rare illness (ALS) which could not be cured at that time, she set out to become an astronaut and develop new cures for rare diseases and illnesses aboard the International Space Station in Zero gravity. She also loves food and Star Wars.


Itou represents the balance between a cute and a beautiful woman and an ideal woman, according to the original author of the manga, Chuya Koyama [1] [2]. She's described as a very charming woman being the crush of Mutta since the very first moment they meet at JAXA's first round of the new applicants' examination.


Little serika

Itou Serika as a child

As a former doctor, she's considered one of the most intelligent of the characters. She loves to eat a lot until the point of keeping up with a nutritional journal every day (including counting all the calories). It's not a mystery of how she maintains a healthy figure despite her eating habits by watching her rounds at the gym. She tends to idolize and admire everything related to her father and it's easy to catch on when she watches Nanba Mutta's occurrences at JAXA's or being a great fan of Sharon just because she received a present from his father related to her works.


As an only child, she was her daddy's girl and has a good relationship with her mother and her grandmother. Her best friend is her fellow astronaut Kitamura Ena and she seems to be very friendly with everyone. As to her relationship with Mutta, is unclear what she thinks about him apart from the fact that she considers him a very interesting fellow.

Family membersEdit

Serika mother

Mrs. Itou

Serika grandmother

Serika's grandmother_2

Serika grandfather

Serika's grandfather

Serika father

Itou Rinpei

All familly members appear together in Episode 36 where they participate at Itou Rinpei's memorial day. They're quite the gentle and typical japanese family where Serika seems to be the most weird because of the promise she always keeps with his father of writing him a journal of her everyday life as she paves the way to become an astronaut.



 (Original in Japanese and English-translated by charleswood88).