Episode 36
Episode 36
Episode Title: Dancing Astronaut
Japanese Title: Odoru Uchūhikōshi (踊る宇宙飛行士)
Air Date: December 9, 2012
Opening: "Yumemiru Sekai"
Ending: "Tete"
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"Dancing Astronaut" is the 36th episode of the Space Brothers Anime.

Short SummaryEdit

Serika visits her fathers grave after receiving the call from JAXA regarding her results. She recalls her childhood, where her father was diagnosed with a rare disease.

Serika was then motivated to become an astronaut and develop cures aboard the ISS which could save her father. However, he sadly passed away soon afterwards. Having learnt that she had passed her exams, Serika celebrates with a nostalgic ice pop and a dance.

Long SummaryEdit

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