Episode 14
Episode 14
Episode Title: Broken Glasses and the Sole of the Foot
Japanese Title: Kowareta Megane to Ashi no Ura (壊れたメガネと足の裏)
Air Date: July 1, 2012
Opening: "Eureka"
Ending: "Kokuhaku"
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"Broken Glasses and the Sole of the Foot" is the 14th episode of the Space Brother Anime.

Short SummaryEdit

Fukuda Naoto recalls his past and how his work alienated him from his family. Unfortunately, his glasses are broken in an accident by Furuya Yasushi.

Despite his reduced visibility, Fukuda is determined to take part in activities and doesn't give up. Later during the day after having a conversation with Serika, Furuya asks mission control to order new glasses for Fukuda.

Long SummaryEdit

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